USMNT Could Cause A Thin Sounders Roster This Summer

Because Brad Evans can.


I am an old man and have known a great many
troubles, but most of them never happened.
–Mark Twain [Samuel Langhorne Clemens] (1835—1910)

I’m not going to lie, I straight up Googl’d that quote. But the point of it, is this; we really worry about a lot of useless things. Generally, every day and most of them don’t happen. I say this all preemptively so that I can point something out in the near future that isn’t a thing, unless it becomes a thing. At which time, then people can worry. Because it’s happened.

If you haven’t noticed or picked up on what was being laid down, or maybe didn’t even hear today, Jurgen Klinsmann had a little state of the union address regarding the Mens National team and the general going-ons of things in that regard. It was good stuff, I’m sure if the American Pitch hasn’t posted anything yet, they will soon, so be on the look out (see what I did there… cross-network site promotion!).

But there was this one little thing, pointed out by the ever handsome Ives Galarcep. You know… the guy that runs the whole SoccerByIves web site? Anyways, here is his little tweet into the land of speculation and general futurism.


He didn’t pull that directly from where the sun don’t shine. It was heavily inferred by Jurgen and it’s not all that entirely surprising either. But what it means for those of us that support the Rave Green is that Eddie Johnson may not have a full 20 game spread of games this season. He’s only started in 3 games thus far, totalling 258. Considering this expected involvement already with the USMNT and their qualifying during for the World Cup you can–in all liklihood–knock out another two or perhaps even 3 or 4 games that he’ll be unavailable. Now with the Gold Cup, it’s possible that he will have it’s run on a few games as well.

This isn’t exactly crazy speak for Johnson to miss time and to be perfectly honest, it could work in the Sounders favor with giving him rest. It’s not likley that he would play in every game with the USMNT and generally he would be there to give the team some depth and speed late in the games. While training at what can only be considered a higher level.This potentially could keep him reasonably healthy and fit during his time back with the Sounders.

Another–though not necessarily certain–inclusion could be Brad Evans. Now, I don’t know about anyone else, simply because I can’t see into your head–I’m not Doctor Strange here (admit it you were waiting for Professor Charlies Xaiver reference), but Evans made a difference this past week. Maybe not in the sense of what he did out on the field but his ability to command and to bark orders as if to be the commanding officer out on the pitch.

He’s a leader and he helps settle the tone out on the field and I believe that he has a lot to with the first half, though admittedly, I’m sure that Obafemi Martins had a bit to do with it too. He’s great in the middle, but also is great out wide. His ability to track back on defense and support Yedlin is exactly what is needed down that line and if Sigi is determined to use Mauro Rosales as a super sub (as he should), the Sounders are going to become dependent upon Evans and his ability to help the back line.

I know that a lot of people were, for the most part, rather lukewarm on his performance against Canada. But I felt that way about pretty much everyone on the pitch that day, and Evans was solely responsible for the 2 best scoring opportunities of the evening. Whether it be for those opportunities or some other inane unquantifiable skill Brad Evans seems consistently on the tongue of coach Klinsmann.

Regardless these are things that will affect the Sounders this season. Add in the fact that DeAndre Yedlin could very well be the starting right back for the U-20 National Team at the World Cup this summer this squad could create some interesting line-up decisions as the season wears on. This isn’t to be a downer but it’s just something to think.



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