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MLS Owner Merritt Paulson Takes To Twitter: Insults Supporters Groups

MLS can be great at times. Sunday was not one of them

In Major League Soccer fans get unprecedented access to players, staffs, and owners. It is a league un-paralleled in terms of this access, no other professional league in the world gives those who support it, the kind of intimated interaction with those who play and shape it.

Merritt Paulson, entered into the world of twitter on Sunday and summarily equated the Emerald City Supporters, the largest of Sounders supporters groups, to a group of with “learning disabilities”.

Paulson, summarily deleted his conversation with us at Sounders Nation and the responses he made to the ECS. However, thanks the wonderful world of the internet, everything is forever:

All this “trash talk” from an owner with an Ivy League education, and one of the fastest growing franchises in sports. He later went on to tout his work with the learning disabled, by bringing the Special Olympics back to Oregon.

Paulson’s tweet(s) elicited a massive response: but the best is below:



Unfortunately for Mr. Paulson, he didn’t take the class during his Ivy League education which taught about the qualities of respecting everyone, especially those who are less fortunate or able than ourselves. Anytime you bring the world disabled into an insult, you are only showing the true character of your inner-self.


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