What Is Under-The-Tree For The Sounders FC?

Okay, it’s Christmas Eve and as I watch Bing Crosby pull off the most ambitious ascot of all time, it all draws me back to what awaits us all tomorrow morning. We will all wake up–some, lucky to find the cover of a bleached blanket–and shortly after wiping the sleep from our collective eyes, will assuredly attack the evergreen with a crazy ferocity that is often only left to be associated to child that is being dangerously medicated by absurd amounts of sugar.

The popular blogging exercise today seems to be an attempt in coming up with what your said favorite team should have under their tree tomorrow. I’m sure Hammer supporters wouldn’t mind waking up to a Honey Badger destroying that family pine. But until that window opens, they’re left to only speculate about such things.

As for the Sounders, most fans would like to see that big name striker finally come from overseas and give some sort of validation to the club and what it’s done it’s first four years in Major League Soccer.

I have to admit, and maybe it’s all my short sightedness and lack of true understanding, I’m not interested. Would it be cool to see some big name come and desire to play for our team and represent our city to help us win trophies and championships? Absolutely.

The problem is I feel as if the Sounders might already have that in Eddie Johnson. Johnson, 28, has been overseas, as well as around MLS, still he has a few miles left on those legs and his tremendous speed hasn’t yet been weighted. He’s been well treated in Seattle and has an opportunity like nothing he really has previously embraced, prior to last year. This is a place where he could very well spend the next 2 or 3 years left in his prime and succeed.

Sure, you could talk about some of the short comings that are associated with him and all that, but I don’t have the time nor the inclination to really dispute them. What I would like to talk about, is him as someone that has previously posted 2,000 minutes and I don’t think it’s absurd to think he could be near there again next year.

This isn’t taking into consideration the fact that the Sounders already have the likes of Sammy Ochoa, David Estrada and even possibly Mario Martinez that could slide into a “forward” type position. There is even talk of a possible home grown player signing that could also fall into this slot. So it’s not as if you don’t have depth and cheap depth at that.

No, a striker isn’t at the top of my list. Big name or not.

Really, If I had to come up with 3 things that I wanted, as a Sounders fan, I would have to list them as follows.


3. Walker Zimmerman and the (continued) pursuit of youth.

I really, un-reasonably, want the Sounders to make a move for this man. He just seems so dominate in the back line and I can just seem him transforming into this defensive beast that resembles a cross between Omar Gonzalez and Fulhams’ Brede Hangeland.

A long with it, I’m digging all these attempts at moves. Sure, they didn’t come away with any talent but the Sounders made some serious efforts to infuse this roster with projectable talent that not only will help us down the road, it’s also going to be done with pieces that could be recognized on a national level. I LOVE THAT.


2. HEALTH!!!

You want the Sounders to be successful? Forget about what talent they put on the pitch. Sigi and the front office has shown to be both intelligent and thrifty. They find deals and talent everywhere they go.

If you really want a season where the Sounders come away with hardware, this group must stay healthy. Without it, there are going to be ever changing pieces that prevent this club from really reaching it’s true peek due to simply chemistry issues.

I’m looking at you Mauro.

These guys have to be protected and sometimes from themselves. Without a CCL bid, it’s likely that this club can run a little short handed and move depth rather than that specific skill.

The Sounders need a near 2500 minute effort out of the trio of Fredy Montero, Mauro Rosales and Ozzie Alonso to have a shot at…


1.The Supporter Shield

I get it. Everyone wants a cup. Forget a cup this is the hardware I desire. It’s the league champion that no one recognizes and it’s the one that, at least in my heart, is above the rest outside the league.

You want a true picture of stability and cohesiveness? It’s the Shield. It’s what really depicts the best team in Major League Soccer and regardless of where the Sounders have fallen the past couple of years this has been a very attainable platter.



This would be my quasi Christmas list or whatever this holiday season. I’m sure everyone is different and while some would overlap the idea is essentially the same. Get better, compete and win.

We’re a pretty easy fan base to please.

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