Montero To Millonarios, Mario To Turkey, Metzelder to Sounders…Did I Miss Anything?

So there are a few updates that I want to discuss from the last few days.

I guess Millonarios reeeeaaalllyyy wants Fredy Montero. I realize now that I may have dismissed this prematurely. Considering the numerous amounts of visits from people in COLOmbia* to this site, I feel obligated to at least say something in response to the additional details that are leaking out.

First of all I’m still not sold on all details.  Most of the news that is being released unsourced so who really knows how much of this is even true. I believe that Millonarios wants Fredy Montero. They would be silly not too. He’s a great forward and considering their upcoming tournments he’d be a fine addition upfront.

Montero wants to a shot at the National Team. Something that has obviously escaped him during his time in MLS the last few years. Right or wrong it’s something that will likely go unchanged.

*Did anyone else catch the ever emphasis of the corrected spelling?

Most of the rumors that are mentioned in US publications is that Montero would only go over to Millonarios and that it wouldn’t anymore than a short stay before moving on..

Again, who knows how much this is actually true.

The biggest question mark for us Sounder fans is weather or not they could actually pay the required and needed fee in an effort to get adequate compensation in return, as well as make up for the money that’s been invested in him. I’m guessing based upon the ownership group that has brought the club back into prominence after being subsequently bankrupt they have some funds, but how much is the real question.

Fredy could very well be out the door at this point. There are a couple of rumors about how the season ended without him on the pitch and the possibility of him being disgruntled at front office leadership. I don’t believe either of those to be real serious factors.

Then again, I certainly don’t know anymore than anyone else standing outside the locker room.  Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t.

I don’t think at this point either of those are contributing factors to an extent that it’s going to completely change the Sounders or Fredy’s desire to get him someplace other than Seattle. I take this simply as an opportunity. One that could, potentially, work for both the team and the player. When such an opportunity arises I believe it would be silly not to explore it.

Please don’t yet flood my inbox with “I-told-you-so” remarks. It still hasn’t happened and we’re all working off from a scattered notes which we can’t necessarily confirm are or are not true.

A Strange something that coincides with all this and is currently gathering steam is the speculation of Mario Martinez headed to Turkey. I’ve long viewed Martinez as a possible replacement for either Montero or Mauro Rosales. Either this year or, in my eyes, more likely next.

Considering Martinez skill set I would think he would be an excellent candidate to move into the starting line-up should Montero seek greener pastures. His coupling with Eddie Johnson up top in a 4-1-3-2 or 4-4-1-1 could be really interesting considering his passing abilities and ariel distribution and over all creativity.

I’d have to think that this could be an ill fated move for Super Mario, should be press the button to jump onto Süper Lig. He could be slatted for quiet a bit of playing should Montero move.

I’m not a professional this is just a few thoughts I had…

Oh, also saw this little snippet about a possibility of Christoph Metzelder  coming to MLS and being courted by Seattle (some help from Google translate may be required for you, as it was for me). I think it’s interesting because he was a constant target of mine in FIFA 12, great, cheap defensive midfielder to couple with Ozzie Alonso or even to move back in the defensive third.

I know that Seattle fans have been waiting patiently but we may just be growing ever closer to what could be that one domino that could cause the whole house to come crashing down.


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