A Little Seattle Reign Preseason Fun

It seems the Seattle Reign players and coaching staff are having a little bit of fun getting to know each other while getting ready for the upcoming season.

Apparently, our new defender, Rachel Corsie, isn’t a grown-up yet and team mate Kendal Fletcher had no problem laughing at Corsie’s obvious distress! But, really. I think we’ve all had these days!

Haley Kopmeyer had no problem expressing her happiness with a clean bus bathroom. I understand, there’s nothing worse than being stuck on a bus for hours with a dirty bathroom.

Jessica Fishlock and Laura Harvey exchange a few words, in jest, about question marks and their proper use on twitter.

Haley Kopmeyer, Maraih Nogueira, and Keirsten Dallstream decided to do a twerk class. I might be jealous of those yellow socks!

I think they had fun.

Rachel Corsie has been enjoying some local cuisine. Somebody should tell her she has plenty of time and doesn’t need to eat it all at once.

Haley Kopmeyer showed her approval of the coaching staff and the great atmosphere in the club. Her enthusiasm for her job makes me want to work for the club. Anyone?

Anyone know anyone who can help with cupcake decorating classes?