Match Preview: United States Fight Colombia for 3rd Place

The United States will play against the Colombian National Team for 3rd place in the Copa America Centenario.

On a day full of soccer, the United States will play against Colombia in the Copa America consolidation match. A win on Saturday would give the United States their best finish in the Copa America ever, beating their fourth place finish in 1995 after losing to, coincidentally, Colombia in the consolidation match in the 1995 tournament.

We don’t know much about what the starting 11 will look like for the United States. Klinsmann could look to give his youth players some experience or he could stick with the experienced players that brought the team all the way to the semifinals. Two things we do know, though, is that 1) Klinsmann wants to win this game and 2) Tim Howard will be given the start over Brad Guzan.

This is nothing against the performances that Guzan has put together throughout the tournament, but instead it will be given to Howard just for Howard to play. It almost has the feeling of Klinsmann giving Howard a final game in a United States jersey, but it is hard to say.

Colombia will look to grab a win on Saturday as well after falling to Chile 2-0 on Wednesday but they haven’t been the same team after losing to Costa Rica in the last match of Group A. The United States will look to take advantage of this and hopefully claim their best ever finish in the Copa America.

Kick-off will be three hours after the Sounders game starts and one hour after the Seattle Reign kick-off. To keep up with the craziness of this Saturday, stay connected with Sounders Nation.