Feb 13, 2013; Tucson, AZ, USA; Seattle Sounders forward Eddie Johnson (7) congratulates midfielder Brad Evans (3) after scoring a goal during the first half at Kino Sports Complex. Mandatory Credit: Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Post Game Thoughts: Sounders Beat Rev's 2-0

Okay, before we start down this road of, evaluating every little detail. Everyone has heard of calling a score without a goal ‘nil’, right? That’s not just me being crazy? I saw someone on twitter say that wasn’t a soccer thing and I, in all my n00b-ness could have sworn that was a thing.

Maybe, it was just a cheap opportunity to pick on Gus ‘Get Down Town’ Johnson. I’m not sure.

Looking at the game, I didn’t get an opportunity to watch much. Though I really wanted too. Between responsibilities elsewhere and work late. I saw all of about 10 minutes of the game and it wasn’t all that captivating.

I did see the highlights for the shot and goal by Eddie Johnson right at high time. It was simply brilliant and probably had plenty of people asking “Fredy-who?” after that finish just beyond the corner of the 18 yard box.

To caveat that I’ll just say let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. But in complete fairness that’s a goal regardless of who is on the pitch and who was between the posts. It was just going to hit the net. An absolute cherry of first touch on the turn and go, where he found space enough to take the shot and finished it off like it wasn’t a big deal. This is an example of all the work that Eddie Johnson has put in already at this point in the pre-season. It was an in form manoeuvre that won’t be a soon forgotten moment.

You can get direct run downs all over the place and so I’m just going to hit the key highlights;

  • Djimi Traore started a long side Jhon Kennedy Hurtado and I have to think going forward that’s the most likely pairing against the Impact at home March 2nd.
  • Mauro Rosales with the captains band… again. I have a feeling that he’ll be championing it this season as he did last.
  • The intensity for this game between the players was incredible. There could have been, from all accounts, as many as 4 or 5 red cards handed out in today’s match.
  • David Estrada looks to have possibly already won the starting job up top with EJ. Not a huge surprise.
  • I really see less and less of an opportunity being presented for Mario Martinez. That’s not good and the Sounders could end up squandering a huge talent. That’s huge especially when other players from South America have seen what we’ve done for Fredy Montero. I don’t like how things between Schmid and Martinez have worked out. Someone just needs to get a hug or apologies for a comment about someone’s daughter or something. Because I’m starting to feel uncomfortable on the other side of the country.

I’m sure other people had other things that they saw, but judging on the run down this the important things to remember coming away from this game. The game itself wasn’t really about the result so much as it was just about the chance to get people working together and making final evaluations on players. It should be interesting to see what comes out of camp Friday.


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