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The Final Say On Seattle Sounders and Seahawks Separation


What does the separation by the Seattle Sounders mean for fans?

Seattle Sounders’ fans should be proud of their team. The Sounders could have stayed connected to the Seahawks and ridden the wave of a Super Bowl champion, but have decided to make their own go of it.

There will not be a lot of immediate game day changes or a specific incident which can be pointed to and say, “hey, look what the team did here”. Fans should be excited. If you remember the first time you went out on your own, away from your parents or support system to see if you could make it, there was a wide range of emotions. Anxiety, nervousness, sadness, elation, excitement, curiosity, a sense of adventure, all appropriate for that moment in your life, are also applicable here. While the team has a strong foundation of over five years to build from, there should be a natural anxiety about moving from what is comfortable, and more importantly, what has been successful. There are a number of cliché phrases regarding it, Why fix it, if it isn’t brokewhy reinvent the wheel, also fitting this particular situation.

The Seattle Sounders have been wildly successful. Playoff runs in every year of its’ existence in Major League Soccer, attendance numbers which started out monstrous compared to other teams, and have continued to rise each subsequent year. This year the team is expanding the amount of games where the full stadium will be available to 5 games. This addition will mean a continued rise in the average attendance for 2014 for an unrelenting sixth consecutive year.

The sustained financial success has given the Seattle Sounders the flexibility to consider this break from the Seahawks at an earlier time. While there will be hiccups here and there the, true test of whether this separation will be considered a success, will come in the next few years as the organization establishes itself as a powerful force within the soccer community.

Having a game-plan is the first step in building any successful business. While it is far to early to determine whether this split will dampen or hamper the overall structure, success, and popularity of the Seattle Sounders. The right pieces are in place to transform what was a prosperous union.


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