Quick Thoughts on Obafemi Martins

I’ve yet to read what anyone else has written about Obafemi Martins and I’m sure there are enough crazy people with a blog that can write them down, but you’ve come here to see what I’ve got to say on the subject so let’s just be quick and address the issue.

If you hadn’t heard–and if you come to this blog,  I wouldn’t know why you wouldn’t–Martins feels ‘out of the loop’. I suspect it’s one of the most quoted things said in the last two days across soccer blogs in America. We know he said this because an Italian newspaper reported it’s conversation with the striker, and we all have Google translate. Yay, technology!

This presents dozen of questions primarily of which; Would this be a permanent move for Martins? Does this mean the Sounders are still willing to move Eddie Johnson? Will the Sounders choose to explore their chance to possibly invest in two designated players? Will they use this opportunity to lock up Ozzie Alonso long term? I mean, that’s four questions but I could easily make up another eight if I needed to reach the dozen mark.

The thing to realize is he’s under contract for another year and while I would be happy for him to get a shot at playing for a World Cup, the fact is he is signed with the league through the 2015 season. MLS and the Sounders ownership isn’t just going to let him walk without getting a good portion of their investment back.

Transfermarkt.co.uk sets Martins current value at roughly $5 mil or £3.1 mil. The chance they get a good portion of that investment, from my understanding somewhere in the 4 mil range for the transfer/buyout, isn’t necessarily lost. There is even the potential the league/ownership gains a very miniscule profit off the situation if the waged price is to be believed.

There are a lot of situations at play. I think the biggest of which is the possibility the Sounders are looking for another leading man in the striker position. Which would make five consistent starters over a 3 year period. Not exactly the consistency that you might want from that position. There is also the possibility the Sounders don’t do anything.

What’s that scream? Not, do anything? Yup.

The Sounders have Dempsey who consistently plays in a second/withdrawn striker role with Lamar Neagle up top. Leaving the possibility that they use the chunk of left over change from Martins/Johnsons departure to go after some needed playmaker for the midfield.

I’m not saying any one of these is the likely scenario. Who knows, maybe Martins was wrongly interrupted and portrayed incorrectly by the journalist who wrote the piece for Calciomercato. It wouldn’t be the first time that a few things said by an individual player were misconstrued. However, this isn’t the first time we’re hearing about Martins possibly leaving the organization. Just two weeks ago it was believed that the Nigerian may go on-loan to the Championship side Derby County.

It’s easy to allow our imaginations to wonder about where the Sounders are sitting with their personnel situation. It’s also weird that the analogies to the Yankees franchise keep popping up. I don’t get it and dislike the whole thing in general. Can we at least be the Red Sox? I feel like the Red Sox still have at least a partial soul left. Maybe not a clean one, like Snow White Cinderella, but more like Castiel from Supernatural…

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